Saturday, April 14, 2012

A few clients have indicated that I should post something to the blog to let folks know that I and the doll repair business are alive.  We are!  Prices remain the same as well as contact info.  And just to let you see what has been going on, here are a few of last year's patients.

Alice is still a work in progress so the colors in the last photos are a bit intense.  They will be 'aged' before she is considered done.  I have a body for her and hope to show the finished product soon.  



A customer's sweet COD 1912 from battered baby in a box to a pretty little girl!

An EBay steal - if you don't mind a little work.  A wonderful papier mache patent washable before and after.

Another EBay find, rescued from a Kentucky barn.  The seller on EBay thought she was frightening.  I think she is wonderful!


The Doctor is in.